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Get the hair you have always wanted but never thought possible.

Beautiful, natural human hair extensions using the micro ring and micro ring weft methods, in Chertsey or at The Chiswick Salon, West London.

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Hair Extension Techniques

At CeeCee Hair Extensions we use the micro ring method to fit extensions. This involves using tiny metal rings to clamp the extension hair to your own hair. We can fit the extension hair in wefts or strand-by-strand, depending on the desired result. There is no sewing, braiding or glue involved and therefore there is no damage to your natural hair.

We make the strand by strand extensions ourselves which ensures a tailor made result and perfect colour match. These methods allow the hair to be reused, so you get excellent value for money. During your consultation we will show you the different sizes and types of ring available and determine which will be used for your fitting.

Micro Ring Wefts

Micro wefts can be fitted as partial or full heads and will last for around 4-6 weeks before they are removed and refitted. These are an excellent way to add thickness to blunt cut styles such as bobs and can also be used to add length and thickness to most styles. This method is great for either shorter term use for special occasions or to thicken small areas such as the sides of a style, however it can be difficult to wear certain ‘up styles’. We use the fine Indian hair to install micro wefts but European and Russian hair can be made in to wefts as a bespoke service if required.

Strand by strand

Strand by strand extensions are small amounts of extension hair that is held together at the top by a small keratin bond. These are then attached to very small sections of your own hair using the small rings. This means that the extension hair does not shed during wear and therefore maintains fullness. These can be fitted as partial or full heads to add volume, length colour or all three! The hair can also be worn in ‘up styles’ and high pony tails. We can use any of the hair we use to make and fit strand by strand extensions.

NEW Now offering Tape hair extensions. NEW

Please get in touch for details and prices.

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About the Hair

At CeeCee Hair Extensions we only use top quality, cuticle correct, remy, double drawn 100% human hair, which we have trialled and tested extensively. During your consultation we will colour match your hair and discuss which hair type is most suitable for your requirements. We offer two price brackets.

Fine Indian Hair

Unlike much of the Indian hair on the market, this hair is straight and fine in texture, so it blends beautifully with most hair types. It undergoes minimal processing and can last over 6 months with good care. It is ethically sourced from India and it can be waved, crimped, curled and blow dried. Available in a wide range of colours, 14" - 24" this hair is available for weft fittings or can be made in to individual stick tip extensions.

European Hair

This hair is sourced from all over Europe. It has a natural wave and is available in deeper wave and curly. This premium hair looks incredibly natural and holds condition wash after wash. With good care it can last over 12 months and can be styled as you would your own hair. Available in a wide variety of colours, with custom colour matching at no extra cost and in any length from 6"- 30".

Premium Russian Hair

Premium Russian hair is available on request and priced at consultation. Sourced only in Russia, this hair has all the qualities of the European hair described above but is naturally straight and finer in texture.

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Questions and Answers

Q. Can I have my extensions fitted the same day as my consultation?
A. No. As we are a small company with one creative stylist we are not able to carry enough holding stock to do this. However, it may possible to do a next day fitting. The normal time is 2-6 days between consultation and fitting.

Q. Can I straighten, curl and style by extensions?
A. Yes. They are excellent quality real hair so can be treated in the same way as your own hair. Remember, heated appliances cause damage to hair, so the less you use them, the longer your extensions will last.

Q. Will my extensions match my hair?
A. Yes. At your consultation we will colour match your hair and talk you through the correct length and texture to make your extensions look just like your natural hair.

Q. How long does it take to have extensions fitted?
A. That really depends on a number of factors but a full head of strand by strand takes 2-4 hours and a full head weft takes 1.5-2.5 hours.

Q. How long will my extensions last before they need to be removed?
A. Again, this depends on a few factors but generally strand by strand will last 2-3 months and wefts will last 4-6 weeks before they need to be re-fitted.

Q. How long does removal take and can I have them re-fitted at the same time?
A. Removal takes from 1/2 an hour to 2 hours depending on the method/aftercare etc. The extensions can be refitted the same day but we recommend that you take a week or so to cut, condition and colour your hair if possible.

Q. Can the same hair be used again?
A. Yes, in most cases the hair may be reused but it must be stressed that there are no guarantees as lifestyle and aftercare are the determining factors.

Q. Will they damage my own hair?
A. No. There is no plaiting or glue used so your natural hair will not be damaged by the fitting or professional removal.

Q. Can I colour my extensions?
A. Although it is possible as they are real human hair, we do not advise you to change the colour of your extensions. If you need your regrowth done while wearing your extensions then we recommend you have this done by a professional colourist who is experienced in working with extensions.

Q. What if I'm not happy with any aspect of my new extensions?
A. Just get in touch! We are always happy to see you, talk through or rectify any concerns. Your happiness is paramount to our business.

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Tape Hair up to 20"

Full Head ¾ Head ½ Head
£365 £290 £210

Removal and Refit using same hair:

Full Head ¾ Head ½ Head
£180 £145 £105

(Every 6 weeks)

Weaves: Indian/Brazilian/Mongolian

Maintenance £25 per row. Every 6 weeks.

Length Full Head ¾ Head ½ Head
14" £260 £210 £160
16" £290 £240 £180
18"/20" £320 £270 £200
22" £350 £300 £220
Strand-by-strand: Indian/Brazilian/Mongolian

Maintenance £50 per hour. Every 6 weeks.

Length Full Head ¾ Head ½ Head
14" £290 £250 £210
16" £320 £280 £240
18" £350 £310 £270
20" £390 £350 £310
22" £430 £390 £350
24" £460 £430 £390
Strand-by-strand: Russian

Maintenance £50 per hour. Every 6 weeks.

Length Full Head ¾ Head ½ Head
14" £727 £525 £380
16" £775 £555 £405
18" £825 £585 £430
20" £875 £615 £455
22" £925 £645 £480
24" by quotation - -
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, which is deducted from the total cost after fitting.
  • *The prices above are based on average fittings. Extra thick, Russian hair, platinum blonde and dip dye may incur an extra cost.
  • *Further options for length and partial head fittings are possible. Please contact us with your enquiry if you do not see what you require above.
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About Me

Fully Qualified, Fully Insured.

My name is Cassie and I am the creative stylist behind CeeCee Hair Extensions. My husband Lee manages the behind the scenes business. I have many years experience as a hairdresser including working with extensions, pieces and wigs. I trained in London with Toni & Guy over 20 years ago and have since worked in a variety of salons from small scale home based work whilst studying, to big names in central London. I am now specialising in hair extensions. As I am also a hairdresser, I can cut and style your extensions, which is included in the cost of every fitting.

I work from two locations: In Chertsey or The Chiswick Salon, West London. You can have your consultation and fitting in either (or both!).

I love working with extensions, creating new looks and giving you the hair you never thought you could have. I only use hair from trusted suppliers, that I have extensively tested, trialled, installed and worn myself so that you will always get the longest lasting, most natural results possible. Keep an eye for the latest offers!

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